Getting Started

Setting Up Your Macrobiotic Kitchen 20 page e-book covers all the basics to help you get started with shopping lists and my favorite recommended kitchen toys.

Part one is all about the toys!  There are a few kitchen gadgets that can make preparing a simple, healthy, and delicious nutrient-rich diet more efficiently.  Aside from a few  good quality knives (I’ve highlighted a few good ones!) and a good cutting board, a pressure cooker and a steamer pot are our most well-used cooking utensils.

An old fashioned pressure cooker is one of our most used kitchen toys.  It is the best way to prepare tender, delicious, and easy to digest beans and whole grains.

But you can do more than that.  We also prepare sweet potatoes, or mashed potatoes using a pressure cooker.  You can also cook grains, beans, potatoes, and other foods in a clay pot inserted in the cooker!  So delicious!

Part two covers all the pantry staples, and produce lists itemized by type to help you make the best selections for your needs.  A macrobiotic counselor may recommend more dark leafy greens for some, or more sweet ground or root vegetables for another, depending upon their condition and constitution.

Many of the products that are hard to find, or perhaps unfamiliar to you are highlighted and linked to my online Macrobiotic Store.   Use the links to get an idea of the quality, or type of product recommended, and read reviews before purchasing.  I do my best to choose the best possible quality at the best price.