The Basic Essentials

How To Feel Great & Improve Your Health with a Macrobiotic Diet is a synthesis of all the basic essential information needed to understand how to implement a simple macrobiotic diet taken from three of our books:  Essential Macrobiotics, The Macrobiotic Action Plan, and Basic Macrobiotic Menus & Recipes.  And now you can purchase this book for only $1!  The price was reduced as a special to help get this book circulating so you can reclaim your power to to self-heal, and save lots of money in health care costs!


How To Feel Great & Improve Your Health has  easy to read bullet points outline the how and why to the best food selections, based on your individual constitution, current condition and symptoms, the region you live, and the season.  Different cooking methods, and a table helping you identify whether your symptoms and constitutional tendencies are more yin or yang in nature, and the most appropriate food selections and cooking methods to restore balance.

We outline how to include animal foods in your diet in the healthiest way, and which types and what quality is best.  A macrobiotic diet is a plant- and nutrient-rich diet, which can be modified to suit your personal needs ~ whether time constraints, personal budget, or taste preferences.

It’s easy to learn how to intuitively eat a healthy and balanced diet, when you understand how to choose the right foods and cooking methods based on your particular needs.  How To Feel Great & Improve Your Health includdes shopping lists, and information that helps make sense of your food cravings, and subsequent mood swings that are common when people eat foods that are on one end of the yin or yang spectrum or the other.

People often swing from eating a lot of dense and rich animal foods, while possibly minimizing carbs, only to crave sugars, chocolate, a lot of juices or caffeine.  This guide will help you learn how to gain control of your cravings, and help you create stability in your life ~ balanced blood sugar, and healthier blood flow = balanced moods and less pain and dis-ease!

I’ve made this excellent e-book available for a minimum $1.00+ donation.  I am sure you will get far more than your money’s worth of life-supporting, empowering, and interesting information, including a menu plan, examples of what types of foods to eat and why, and easy delicious recipes!  Plus some food photos too!

Click here to order.  Your feedback and support are greatly appreciated.  Be sure to let me know what you think of the book in the comments section.