Hi!  My name is Tracy, and I am a macrobiotic counselor, with a Masters in Oriental medicine.  My continuing education has focused on Chinese food therapy.  I love to cook, but I prepare all of our food for the day in the morning before we head to our clinic.  My husband and I own Barefoot Acupuncture, an affordable acupuncture and complementary health clinic in South Scottsdale, Arizona.  We pack our food to go, as we our at our office all day.  I’ve become the queen of preparing simple, but nourishing, balanced meals SIMPLY!

I have other certifications as well, including as a clinical hypnotherapist, and Reiki teacher / energy healing practitioner.  I also recently completed a yoga teacher training program at Scottsdale Community College.  My husband and I enjoy doing a mix of flexibility and strength training calisthenics, and interval training ~ I just love doing a few sprints a couple times per week, when I can fit it in.  Otherwise, we are quite the homebody sorts.  We are looking forward to finally finding a piece of land and home of our own, where we can try our hands with permaculture, and become more self-reliant.  Our passion is to also help others overcome the obstacles to realizing their own full potential, and create a macrobiotic mindset ~ a positive, fiercely determined, willing, courageous, and committed approach to doing what it takes to thrive in life.

We also hope to inspire connecting with your roots ~ your innate natural wiring that needs nature time, and your ancestral heritage.  Eating the foods your great great ancestors would have eaten can be a source of joy, and a chance to revive lost traditions, while honoring how you got here, and all the travails your ancestors may have gone through to survive and thrive once upon a time.  We are only here because of the trials and tribulations of our ancestors who built all that we now get to enjoy.

I believe a renaissance in honoring the sacred and simple acts of eating delicious foods, shared with family and loved ones is the anecdote needed in our modern world!

Be sure to visit our website, Basic Macrobiotics, for more great information on food, fitness, and philosophy.  Basic Macrobiotics ~ Food So Simple, Your Ancestors Could Eat IT!  We have several books, more recipes, articles about decluttering and organizing,  an online Macrobiotic Store, and more.  Macrobiotics is all about the  lifestyle, and delicious food!