Today is Saturday.  I love Saturdays!  It’s market day, time to gather some more fresh produce and fun finds.
As I mentioned in the About page, I am an introverted homebody at heart!  That just means it doesn’t take a whole lot to satisfy my need for stimulation from the outside world.

Market day means I get to assess just how well I planned my shopping from the previous week.

My goal is to get just the amount of greens and veggies I think we will eat to avoid spoilage.  If by Thursday we have a LOT remaining, then I double up on the green content in our meals.  IF we are running low, then I have to plot out our meals rationing the produce until Saturday, shopping day.

OK, now I sound like a total bore!  But, being around produce at a market is exciting to me. I love all the textures and colors.  I get to see what looks best, what may be on special, and allow my tastebuds to get tantalized by the possibilities of meals for the week.  And, I love to buy some sort of convenient food treat.

We scored on a couple new treats today.  A Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry En Croute Holiday Roast (selling at quite a discount for only $9.99, or thereabouts, with plenty for 2 different meals) and Sweet Earth Burritos ~ on special, 2 for $5, and I had a buy 2, get one free coupon, so 3/$5!

We tried the burritos previously, and they were pretty good.  I’ll get a review of those up after we have them again.  Need a taste refresher!  Definitely looking forward to the Field Roast Hazelnut Cranberry En Croute roast!  We may just have this for our New Years Day meal.  Look for a review on that as well.  As an aside, for those interested, Don and I did  a review comparing Gardein’s Savory Stuffed Turk’y Holiday Roast and the Tofurky Roast on our Basic Macrobiotic YouTube channel, which you can find here.

Back to our day of meals!

I begin my day with a hot beverage.  I’m currently on a mission to sample a variety of hot beverages that I sell on my online store.  I am a long time coffee lover.  I mean the good dark roast, drunk black.  But after changing my diet from paleo to plant-based (that’s another story, chronicled in both Make Every Bite Count, and on a slide show video, here.)

I’m passionate about hot beverages, especially a good grain coffee, or coffee alternative.  I just happen to get my Teecino order in the mail last night, so I was excited to try the new Dandelion Caramel Nut flavor, made with a cone filter.  Really really good!  Tastes nearly like coffee with a flavored creamer added.  Dandelion and ramon nut have so many health benefits.  But I digress.  The food, Tracy, get to the food.  I’ll be writing up more about hot  beverages in a future post, here or on the Basic Macrobiotics website.

Since we were heading out to the market late, and I had some split peas cooking in the pressure cooker, we had a hot smoothie before heading out to the market.   After my dandelion caramel ‘coffee’ drink, I had another hot beverage made with a mix of protein fat, and fiber that tastes great and helps me feel satiated until it’s time to eat.

I’m funny with my hot concoctions, I know.  But they taste great and they work.  They have protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, and fiber, and are good!  Along with that, I had a small bowl of blackberries sweetened from the liquid that dates were soaking in, and some chopped walnuts and almonds.  Perfect!  All told, it kept me fueled for shopping, and until lunch was finished being prepared.

The split peas were still cooking when we got home.  We turned off the heat, and let the pressure come down.  We always add a few inch piece of kombu to the beans while cooking to help them be more digestible, and add valuable minerals, something I explain in all of our books, and highly recommend for perfectly cooked beans.

Meanwhile,  Don sautéed diced onion and carrot in a separate soup pot while the cooker came down from pressure, so all we had to do was add the cooked split peas to the other pot for insta soup!  He seasoned it simply with sea salt, soy sauce,  cumin, and a bit of liquid smoke.

I used up the Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon, cooked quickly in our iron skillet with a tiny bit of oil.  I chopped it to use as a garnish for both our soup, and our stir fried Asian mustard greens, donated to us by a client.  The greens were topped with dulce for more mineral-rich, smokey, bacon-y flavor.  They were sautéed quickly in a teaspoon or two of olive oil in our wok, and seasoned with sea salt, and a tiny bit of cracked pepper.

A light hand with seasonings, using just the right amount of good quality sea salt, or other salty seasoning is a key feature of macrobiotic cooking ~ it brings out the best flavor of the food.

We picked up a fresh loaf of whole grain bread from a local bakery that makes excellent, fresh baked breads from whole grains to round out our meal.

It was all quite delicious.  The Sweet Earth Bacon was a great topping that made this meal super delicious and satisfying.  Since this was our first main meal, we would normally have a second meal later on.  But we finished this around 1:00 or so.

We typically follow an intermittent fasting routine, with two main meals per day, or two and a pre/post meal appetizer or dessert, usually just a snack of a piece of fruit and nuts, or our pea or ground black soybean protein fortified hot smoothie drink, like we had this morning.  So, in lieu of another meal, I enjoyed this huge Jonagold apple with some peanuts.  And, I tried the Teecino Red Chai, also really really flavorful and delicious.

I enjoyed our day of meals.  Light, but satisfying.  It’s now 9:20 PM, and I’ve spent pretty much every moment since lunch getting this blog set up.  We already heard some fireworks outside at our apartment compound.  Doubt we will remain awake to ring in the New Year, but, the local fireworks may get going again and wake us up.

Either way, Happy 2017!  May this be a healthy, prosperous year for you all!  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!  Leave your comments, as I look forward to hearing from you!

As a note,  I’m not making commissions from these companies.  I just like linking to the vegan or vegetarian products I enjoy.  Some of the links go to my online store, which  I can earn a little bit from.  Shopping from these links is greatly appreciated!


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